Thursday, June 16, 2011

Revisit: Pluto in Capricorn

Several years ago Pluto began it's march through Capricorn and what a series of events unfolded! Take a look at this blog from Sept. 2009 with it's focus on the upcoming Plutonian changes and then review your own life. What has happened? Have you encountered forces seemingly beyond your control? Pluto is now retrograding at 6 degrees of Capricorn and bringing up issues for each of us to consider- are we holding on too tightly to control? Time to let go.....

Pluto in Capricorn: Gold in the Shadow

On Sept. 11th Pluto will once again station at 0 degrees Capricorn and turn direct, focusing its penetrating eye on the fundamental structures of our lives including the financial system and anything which needs "adjustment". In March of 2008 Pluto first entered Capricorn after a long stay in Sagittarius (its orbit is 248 years so it is in each sign for a long while) as we saw the first glimpse of its intention with the fall of Bear Stearns and the beginning of the global economic meltdown. During the summer of 2008 Pluto was again retrograde and we had a brief respite from the transformational process, some time to "regroup" before its next efforts which began Sept. 10th of 2008 as it moved directly into Capricorn and well, we all know what happened in the following months! It was during this time that the beginning of Pluto's intentions became apparent: to rebalance power that was out of control and in favor of the small majority at the top, those who had used power inappropriately through greed and manipulation. The shadowy underbelly of our monetary systems began to be revealed which included corruption, deceit, and behind the scenes wrangling which cost millions of dollars for those who had trusted the very basis of our banking system. Pluto had begun its journey through Capricorn by showing us what needed changing.
Fast forward to Sept. 2009: In the next week Pluto will again move direct in Capricorn, this time at 0 degrees with the Sabian Symbol "An Indian Chief Claims Power from the Assembled Tribe" or "the power and responsibility implied in any claim for leadership".
This symbol speaks to the need for decisive leadership which will guide the community to ensure its physical survival, depending on group cooperation to achieve the greater goals for the common man. It is easy to see how this symbol is playing out with President Obama'sfocus on reforming health care and his stepping up to the plate in order to provide health care for millions who are unable to afford it. Here Pluto is demonstrating that power has been held by the Pharmaceutical companies and cooperations who have locked up our health care system with rising costs which literally have disregarded the needs of the many and supported the bank accounts of the few. We have first row seats as Pluto works his magic on this aspect of our system which is drastically in need of reform.

On a more personal level, Plutonian transits most usually affect us in deep ways, most of them unsettling to say the least as they plumb the depths of our fears, in this case related to survival and abandonment. Over the past year many of us have pared down, gone "back to basics" and reevaluated what was of true importance to us. Pluto will never take away that which truly belongs to you, but it will challenge you to let go of that which is not yours, or which is outworn and outdated. A look at where transiting Pluto is in your astrological chart (0 Capricorn) will indicate where Pluto is working on your own psyche as well as where it isnatally (your birth chart), the two of which can provide some valuable insight as to where your own transformational Plutonian process is taking place.

Take heart for even as Pluto destroys it always transforms and rebirth occurs. Due to its slow planetary movement, the process is a bit grinding, giving us all plenty of time to surrender to the process of change. It may not be comfortable, but there is always "gold" in the shadow and this is the reward of the transformational process.

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