Thursday, June 9, 2011

The 7 Body Types: A Closer Look

There are 7 Body types and we usually choose two in each lifetime, one as primary and the other secondary. Different cultures value body types differently; Westerners prefer the slender look of Saturn and Mercury while South Pacific Islanders are comfortable with the abundant look of Jupiter or Venus body types. We also choose our body types as part of our genetic composition or bloodlines- ever notice how some families seem to have the same look?

The Body types are divided into 3 sets of pairs that are attracting to each other. For example, a Mars body type man or woman would naturally be physically attracted to a Venusian woman or man. The square and strong Mars type likes the curves of Venus body type! In contract, the Jupiter body type likes Mercury, the small and light body type. Have you ever seen a couple with one partner who is quite large and the other quite small? That's Jupiter and Mercury. Lunar body type is attracted to angular Saturn, the "bones" look of the body types. The soft and luminous aspect of Lunar is mated with the long and lean body type of Saturn. And finally, solar body type, the lone singleton of the group is neutral and can pair with any of the other types!


LUNAR: + Luminous - Pallid

SATURNIAN: + Rugged - Gaunt

JUPITER : + Grandeur - Elephantine

MERCURIAL: + Agile - Frenetic

VENUSIAN: + Voluptuous - Obese

MARTIAL: + Wiry - Muscle-bound

SOLAR: + Radiant - Ethereal

BODY TYPE COMFORT    Have you ever felt instantly comfortable with someone, feeling at ease with them? You probably share at least one body type. Jupiter feels comfortable with others with large body types including Venus, while Mercury can feel at home with other swift body types such as solar which tends toward lightness. Recognizing body type comfort is very positive and just as valid as the "pizazz" of body type attraction. Many older couples will have found their perfect match with someone with the same or compatible body type rather than the roller coaster and fireworks of body type attraction.

Accepting your chosen body type as valid for you instead of trying to change it to meet current social standards can go a long way toward creating a healthy and happy life. Take a look at the list and see what combination of body types you have chosen and then look at those around you. Sometimes it is easier to spot your mate or friends type than your own!

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