Monday, June 13, 2011

Reactions and Perceptions

hear the dog barking outside and immediately tense up- how can I do my work while he is interrupting me?  I reconsider after taking a breath- perhaps he is alerting his master about something important and serving as protector of his home.

My plans include a trip to the store and once in my car I see that the road is blocked for repair and by the time I wait and resume my trip, the store is closed. I reconsider after taking a breath- perhaps by going another time I will meet the best person to help me in my process, or run into an old friend.

A relationship ends after many years, the loss of which is difficult and emotionally painful. I reconsider after taking (many ) a breath- participating in the relationship itself was draining energy from me on a daily basis creating health problems, anxieties, and depression. Perhaps letting it go will in time allow for more healthy relationships to develop.

All of the above are examples of how we often automatically react to life changes, both small and large. Our first reactions may be fear based but we need not stay in fear and can instead "regroup" by taking a breath, releasing the fear, and then allowing our perceptions to expand which then opens our awareness. Only in retrospect can we easily see what did in fact happen, that it all worked out so to speak, and wonder "Why did I worry so much about that?".

The past teaches us that life unfolds in it's own way and by being in the present while applying this perception of the natural flow of life, we can release the hold of fear and experience more joy. 

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