Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Michael Teachings: A Lens Through Which to View

A Lens Through which to View 
The Basic Principles

*You are free to choose in each and every moment.

There are 7 roles in essence and you are always the same one: Slave, Artisan, Warrior, Scholar, Sage, Priest, King.

Truth is the greatest good and love is the highest truth”.

*There are 3 Levels of Truth: Personal, World, and Universal.

*There are appr. 1000 fragments (individual souls) in an entity, 7 entities in a cadre.

*There are 5 souls ages (infant/baby/young/mature/old) and 7 levels within each.

*Your overleaves are your basic personality chosen in each lifetime, the overleaves support your life task. There are positive poles of the overleaves which are an expression of your true personality through love, and negative poles which are your false personality expressed through fear. 

* The Michael entity is a reunited group of 1050 souls who teach from the Causal Plane.

compiled from Messages from Michael by Quinn Yarbro

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