Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Michael Teachings Basics

Michael Basics

What is Always true
*You will continue to reincarnate until you have completed all the lessons of the physical plane. In between lives your soul or essence resides on the astral plane.

*We each have one essence twin and one task companion. We have many other “friends” with whom we share our lifetimes. We have the same role and casting order in each lifetime, as they never change.

*Love is stronger than fear

What you Choose before you are born
*Where you will be born and to whom, agreements, a “life plan”, mode/goal/attitude, body type, karmas to be repaid by you or to you.

What you choose during your lifetime
Centering and chief features (chosen at 2nd and 3rd monads) whether you will complete your chosen agreements, how you respond in any given circumstance. How you do your life task.

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