Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Enneagram: Groups

The Enneagram

Coping Styles or Harmonic Groups (how we defend against loss and disappointment)

Positive Outlook Group:
2: I am caring and loving. Avoids seeing their own neediness, disappointment, anger. Overemphasizes needs of others.
7. Enjoys excitement and fun. Avoids seeing their pain and emptiness. Cant see how they create suffering. Overemphasizes their own needs.
9. Idealize their own world. Avoids seeing problems in loved ones. Feel overwhelmed by all needs and avoid dealing with them.
Competency Group
1. I am organized and sensible, know the rules. Feelings are channeled
into activity and held in the body. Try to be “good” and work in systems.
3. I am efficient and capable. Goal focused. Manages feelings through activities also and achievement. Bend the rules. Find shortcuts                       
 5. I am the expert and have information. Split off from feelings and stay in thinking. Reject the system and isolate.
Reactive Group
4. Seeks a rescuer, want to be seen and cared for. Fears abandonment. Keep others at bay by playing games and limiting access.
6. Seeks independence and support. Want to be strong. Fear being without support and dependence. Try to be committed AND independent.
8. Seeks independence and no need of others. Fears being controlled by others. Keep their guard up, remaining tough and unapproachable.

Question: How do I respond in stressful situations?

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