Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Karmic Tale

"Karma is not incurred when you take someone's parking space or miss a date for lunch".     - Michael

Karma. That pesky thing that happens when we take someone elses choice away in in such a way as to prevent them from completing their life plan.  According to the Michaels, there are 4 Major karmas: Murder, false imprisonment, “mind-fuck”, and abandonment. 

A nun convinces her young charges, 2 brothers, that they are worthless and can't survive on their own. She later casts them out onto the street where they both die and a karmic ribbon is incurred.  Several hundred years later all 3 decide that in the next life she will attempt to repay the debt and the two brothers, now mother and son, will allow it. Or try to. They meet, this time the nun is a psychologist who offers to help with the son's migraine headaches. Her first plan is to send him for extensive and invasive medical tests, disregarding the suggestion that nutrition and sodas might be the culprit. 

After one MRI, the three meet again and immediately afterwards the 12 year old son, in anger, emphatically states he will NEVER see this "shrink" again and, in what is an unusual response, the mother agrees without much comment. The debt is not repaid.....

Michael later says that it was likely that another debt would have been incurred had the three continued meeting.  Ouch.  

This is a true story- I know because it happened to me. The interaction was compelling, focused, and at times fearful. I have since wondered if I would have allowed the repayment if it was just me at stake and not my son's mind which she was keen on tampering with, again.  And, another twist is that about a year later I learned that she moved to the small town where we live. 

I suppose karma is inescapable and will be repaid. This time, however, we get to choose.


  1. This was fascinating -- I do hope you post more karmic illustrations like this, which brings us inevitably back to the NOW. What are our choices?

  2. I will Cameron. True karmic tales are quite something arent they!