Monday, December 28, 2009

Blue Moon

BLUE MOON on December 31 
From: Sandra Ingerman

"On December 31 throughout the day and evening I invite you to join with me to drop into a deep place of unconditional love. This means opening your heart with absolutely no expectations of what will come from this event.

Place your hands on your heart and breathe deeply into your heart feeling the love for the earth, life, and all that is precious to you. Take some time and get into a true place of love that goes beyond your thinking mind.

Start by experiencing love for yourself and all you have been through to get you to this point in life. And when you feel ready expand your heart and allow your love to flow out to our circle throughout the world. Let's create a strong focused energy of love just simply pulsating throughout our global community.

Remember that you are part of life and that you cannot give love without receiving love. So as you breathe through your heart allowing love to flow through you remember to breathe in the love so that our circle is complete. The earth, our circle, and the rest of life will not receive your love if you cannot receive the love yourself.

And as you feel yourself part of that pulsation of love allow yourself to experience that flow of love going out to the earth and touching every living being. This includes the elements earth, air, water, and fire and all of life that lives in these elements - the spirit that lives in all things.

We do this to be in service to the planet in the same way we have been guided to for thousands of years. Allow yourself to sink into the true power of love that comes from beyond the thinking mind. Allow it to flow from the depths of your soul. This is true service!!

And when you feel the circle is complete and the unconditional love is flowing come back and continue to breathe deeply allowing the flow of love to continue and the flow of love to be received by you. Continue this throughout the day into your New Year's celebrations.

We give thanks for this circle, we give thanks to all of life, and we give thanks for our life!"

excerpted from Sandra Ingerman's message for Dec. 31st, 2009

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