Saturday, January 30, 2010

Seeing God

I wonder, I wonder if you really knew, that I see God in you
And I wonder if you can see, how much you mean to me
I know you cannot read my mind, but I hope you feel my vibe
I think it's time I let you know that, I see the God in you

From Acoustic Soul by India.Arie 

Pulling back projections begins with recognizing that we are projecting onto others parts of ourselves that we are not comfortable with, the Shadow. As is true with shadows in the real world, it is when we shine light on them that they are visible and so is also true with psychological shadow material. What is not commonly known however is that our individual Shadows are composed of not only the dark and not so nice parts of ourselves but also hold the Gold, those aspects of our personalities which hold our not yet recognized gifts and talents. When we begin to make all these foreign parts conscious, that is to say bring them to our awareness, then we can also allow others to be themselves without projecting ourselves externally. We can begin to see the Divine in others, to see the God in them.

We are all here to learn. And, in that way, no one is immune to all the lessons of life on the physical plane and we are equal in that respect. We are all sparks of the Infinite Flame, we are all experiencing our Humanity while remaining part of the greater whole, of the Tao. As we begin to recognize the God within ourselves, then we can also see God in others, in everything.

Questions: How am I projecting my own self onto others? How can I begin to see the God in others?

Photo The Dancing Saints at St Gregory's Episcopal Church, San Francisco

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