Monday, January 18, 2010

The Art of Becoming



Definition: Just beginning; incipient, rudiementary, not yet developed. (adjective) To begin (verb)

This morning my husband John woke with this word in his mind: Inchoate. Being the inquisitive sort, he got the dictionary out and looked up the definition, "To begin, rudimentary form".

A discussion ensued as I suggested that maybe this had to do with the creation of his new business which is in the beginning stages. Always the realist!  On the other hand, the word itself has far greater implications  in that it suggests that something is occurring which is not always seen with the naked eye, or not just yet.

Are not we always in the process of becoming?  From the time we are young, we are maturing, growing, learning, evolving, many of such processes cannot be seen easily but more than likely can be felt or perceived as some vague sense that change and growth is occurring. A thought crosses our mind; it would be nice to plant some roses, call an old friend. Or, on a larger scale, when a major life transition is on the horizon perhaps we feel that something is coming but we don't know what it is.

All are processes with tangible product which require trust and awarness, a being in the moment to know when is the right time to take action and when is the right time to allow the process of becoming to continue without the need to solidify it into form, at least not yet.

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