Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Creating Reality (part one)


How does this creating reality thing work anyway...

Do we really create every experience in our lives?
Are there accidents?
But what about karma?

There is simple answer here in that yes, we make choices every day, some of which are conscious choices which are easier to see as "ours" and which we can "own" and understand that we are creating our personal reality. There are also patterns which are under the surface, running as currents which steer us in certain directions: past life influences, current life childhood issues, and karma. There are also the choices made by others which impact us. It is the combination of all of the above which blend together and form our physical plane experiences or reality.

So what of the idea that if we think something long and hard enough, want something to happen, align our vibration with it, that it will manifest?  This approach looks only at the conscious awareness aspect of creation and does not acknowledge the currents, past life influences, or other people's choices and states that so long as we focus our intentions, that we can create what we want in life. I have seen this approach create mountains of disappointment and a resulting "there's something wrong with me, it's not working" when the external world doesn't match the desired outcome. Frustration ensues.

What we can do is look at how we respond to "life". From our human personality vantage point it is very difficult to see the bigger picture which includes our essence plans. We may be revisiting experiences which we did not resolve fully in the past: Take for example a person who seems to have alot of relationship "issues" in this life and who, in several past lives put himself first, ignoring the needs of others. In this life, now a female, is experiencing powerlessness in relationships which is the balancing of the previous experiences as she learns to understand the nature of equality. Another example would be an individual who massed great wealth in a past life at the expense of others and who is now experiencing financial frustration and difficulties. Of course, not all current experiences resonating to the past are hard but we do tend to focus on what isn't working in our lives.


  1. Creating Reality - Recently a PBS paid program had a show called Emotions. In that show it demonstrated how a child with little parental holding and nurturing ((other than protection and food)) would grow up not to trust others, would feel alone and isolated. For the rest of that person’s life there was a sense that they did not belong and that they could not connect well with others. These loners showed a quiet nature with the “you do what you want; I’ll do what I want.” The description of what Michael calls old soul. I wonder if the present life reality, before this incarnation, might have chosen a mother with that life plan. Is this an example of an agreement? Do the souls create reality before incarnated - knowing there would be isolation barrier from the world?

  2. Could be several things Michael including a karmic repayment (owed to the mother for previous abandonment) or could be the incurring of a debt. On the positive, it could also be part of the overall life plan where a person chooses to focus internally and without distraction hence an early childhood experience such as this one. I guess the answer is it depends on variables.