Friday, June 4, 2010

More Michael on True Rest and Fear

More Michael on True Rest as an Antidote to Fear
excerpted with permission from a private session

Location: 20th century America  A mature sage, female, experienced ongoing stage fright which became more than overwhelming and threatened her career. She was a well known stage actress performing primarily in Off-Broadway plays and some summer stock. At the age of 19 she got her “big break” and was cast as the understudy for a young artisan who was prone to illness and while highly talented, was not always reliable in her ability to perform. The sage was “all nerves” every night as she awaited news whether or not she would be called upon to perform and it was during this process that she discovered knitting which was true rest.  Each night she took a small handbag filled with knitting supplies to the theater and once in her dressing room, began knitting which relieved the stress and allowed her to remain calm. Interestingly enough, she did become a well known actress and used this technique throughout her career.

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