Monday, June 14, 2010

Michael on Entities

Michael: "Fragments of the same entity which is composed of some 1000 plus individual fragments or souls tend to share many physical plane incarnations, are linked from the beginning of ensoulment to the end, and have an underlying focus which serves as a thread of continuity. In this case, the entity is in the 4th position of the cadre (of seven entities) and resonates to the scholar number 4 which is single focused, interested in study and education, and gathers information which is then compiled into a database of sorts.

We understand that it is difficult to validate the entity theory when looked at abstractly, but we do think it possible to validate the pull toward other fragments with whom a bond is shared as well as commonalities of interest. For example, those fragments in a 1st entity would share a common good focus or service oriented theme as part of their life plans, a second entity would include interest in the creative arts and structure as related to the artisan role in essence and so on. Here the 4th entity has been gathering information through varied life experiences and many of these members work in the educational field of some sort or another both in actual libraries, schools, publishing, and cataloguing such as in museums.  Fragments in a 3rd entity would have a warrior or enterprising theme, a 5th entity would be communications oriented, a 6th entity tends towards religious or spiritual pursuits, and the 7th entity positions of leadership and other kingly projects.

Fragments have described the relationship with members of the same entity as comfortable, easy, “like family” in the positive sense of the word. Of course, other influences can change these positive feelings such as karmic interactions, but in general members of the same entity experience comfort and ease due to not only their physical plane interactions of which there are many, but also their ongoing astral plane interactions which occur both during lives and “in-between”.  Suffice it to say there is ongoing contact much in the way childhood friends can choose to remain in contact through the years and thereby share many experiences which serve to bind them together through perceptions."

Excerpted from a private session with permission  c. 2010

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