Saturday, June 26, 2010

Michael on the Tapestry

Michael: "In the larger context here each and every fragment is part of the larger tapestry in that no choice is separate from any other choice and each one is part of the weaving together of life experiences while extant on the physical plane. A single fragment could be seen as a single thread of the larger tapestry of human life, weaving in and out with other fragments who all together create a picture of life on your planet Earth. But we think that while this larger picture is of course relevant and true, we also think that in terms of this study, that consideration of the individual “mini” tapestry might serve purposes more efficiently.
That said, from the first life for a fragment, choices are made which in effect become part of the fragment’s personal tapestry and which together over time create a picture of all experiences. Should a fragment perceive reincarnation as a valid personal truth, then there is an automatic acceptance of the validity of prior experiences and these include both birth and death. The awareness that many types of death including of disease, accidents, karmic incidents, old age et al have occurred for the fragment can and we emphasize can allow for a more relaxed view of the eventuality of death in the current life. This awareness can also be extended to various life experiences which may be considered challenging such as financial woes, geological catastrophes such as hurricanes and earthquakes, and the ravages of war and through the lens of the larger picture and greater tapestry, a fragment may begin to see that many threads of experience are woven together to complete the totality of life on the physical plane."

Excerpted from a private session with permission  All rights reserved c. 2010

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  1. I loved this post! It was very relevant to my thought process this morning...