Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Michael on the 1st Monad

excerpted with permission from a private session c. 2010

"The completion of the first monad heralds the entrance of the soul into the physical body and in most instances occurs at the first breath and not before. When this monad is first initiated, the mother fragment begins the labor process in earnest and from this point there can be a slowing down through the stages, or a speeding up which results in the birth or monadal completion. In this case it is more obvious we think that a transition is occurring both for the infant who is soon to be born and also experiencing the monad from inside the mother, and for the mother who is making the transition from caring for the fetus internally to caring for the infant externally which is also part of the monad itself. This transition from internal to external viability is key to a successful completion of monad one, and without it the monad can land solidly in the negative pole. As is true with other monadal transitions, it is not always clear if success will be the outcome, and in fact even in the last moments before birth a fragment can die for lack of oxygen, for example. The birth process is a delicate one, and the health of the mother fragment also plays a large part in the result as does the health of the fetus. In fact, it might not be amiss here to say that this is the only monad where it is necessary for a physical collaboration to take place, for even with the second and third monads where interaction with a parent fragment is preferred or even required for a successful completion, it is only with the first monad or birth that a very real and tangible collaborative and tandem experience occurs, and one which is key or central to the well being on all levels for both mother and child in the years that lie ahead should the birth be completed. We think this truth is not defined clearly for there is an energetic link from the mother to the child, or the father to the child depending on who hosted the fragment prebirth (reference here to other life forms where males are host parents) and this link remains intact and cannot be unraveled even if the fragments do not form a close bond due to circumstances which may have prevented such a bond from being secured. Suffice it to say that what occurs during the birth process and the experience of each fragments colors each subsequent monad, and a positive birth experience will do much to support subsequent monadal transitions during the course of each fragment's life."

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