Saturday, May 29, 2010

Michael on True Rest and Fear

Michael on True Rest as an Antidote to Fear

excerpted from a private session with permission

Michael: We will utilize the following examples as a means to illustrate the restorative nature of true rest and the release of fear in the process:

Location: 4th century Indonesia  A young male king was promoted to the position of rulership when the father fragment was killed during a raid. The king was eager to accept,  but at the age of 14 was inexperienced and this fact was well known including by those who wished to usurp his power and take it for their own. This king was an early mature soul and prone to some depression and anxiety as he wrestled with his inner “demons” which were in stark contrast to the young soul family and advisors save one old soul sage who took him under his wing. It was at the suggestion of this old sage that the king took early morning walks in a nearby orchard, accompanied by his canine companion and it was during these walks which was by nature true for him that he was able to release his fear and relax, often times experiencing what would be called solutions to his problems, both personal and professional. Noted that this king continued this practice through his long reign which was in fact over 20 years."

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