Friday, April 30, 2010

How Important is it Really?

What's a different approach that may help us all develop the proverbial roll off a duck's back approach to life?

Gratitude. Patience. Understanding. Flexibility. Awareness.

Today I went with a friend to see a movie called "How to Train Your Dragon". Not my usual kind of movie choice, but the reviews were good and this weekend happens to be the Coastal Dream Machines
event where noisy airplanes fly over my home and the coast is flooded with well meaning and enthusiastic folks who are looking for a fun time, all of which to many of us locals means go find something else to do if you don't want to hunker down. So off we went, and did I ever enjoy this movie; great animation, good message, fun, and I didn't think about anything else for 2 hours while I watched the movie. A short break from life. And entertaining too!

Most things aren't really all that important in the long run. The challenges of today will be forgotten soon enough as we move forward in life, focusing on something new. So when you find yourself in a bubble or a little bit of turmoil, find something else to focus on for awhile and see if your mood improves. I know mine does.

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