Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Stars shining bright above you

night breezes seem to whisper
I love you
Birds singin' in the sycamore tree
Dream a little dream of me.

Say "nighty night" and kiss me
just hold me tight and tell me
you'll miss me.
While I'm alone and blue as can be
Dream a little dream of me.

The Mamas and the Papas  recorded in 1969
music and lyrics by Andre and Schwandt

What is a dream? There are night dreams and day dreams, dreams of the future and dreams of the past, dreams which we hope will come true and dreams that we hold only in our hearts. Dreams which we pay attention to as they whisper to us, and dreams we ignore as they are too outlandish and impossible. But are they really?

Australian Dreamtime mythology says that each person exists eternally in the Dreamtime, that this part of them existed before they chose to be born, and that each person has special dreaming medicine such as "kangaroo dreaming" or "snake dreaming" based on the land on which they live. Dreamtime is an integral part of their lives as their waking and sleeping experiences are merged and held as equally important. Many indigenous cultures encourage their young to remember and then share their dreams with the elders who look to dreams for information about each child including what their purpose is as well as their unique gifts and talents.

Our culture however is a mixed bag in this regard and you will find many variables with regard to dreams and their relevancy or importance. Night dreams are often categorized as "good" or "bad" depending on the content as well as the reaction of the dreamer which neglects the rich landscape of the dreamworld unless it is positive and friendly. But what if some of those unpleasant dreams are really past life memories which the dreamer is seeking to integrate and which spring up from the unconscious through the dream?

When I was young I dreamed that I was driving along a bridge which soon became steep.  I drove higher and higher up toward the sky on that bridge until we reached the peak where I tumbled over the top, falling through the air to a certain death".  

This dream has to do with processing a past live when I fell off a cliff to my death. Once I reached the age (in this life) when I had died in the previous one, the dreams stopped! I still am wary of heights but I do believe the dream helped to bring my fears to consciousness where I could experience them while dreaming,  then processing my feelings once I woke. Not easy, but a growthfull opportunity to resolving the past. Of course, not all dreams are past life related, but many recurring nightmares from early childhood often have to do with an immediate past life which becomes vivid during our dreaming, providing us with a glimpse into the past as it intersects with the present.

Other dreams explore areas such as astral travel, working out issues from our daily lives, exchange of information with other folks, as well as creating different scenarios which can then be tried out during our waking hours. What is most interesting to me is that some people have no interest in dreams or claim they don't dream which begs the question is Dreaming a World Truth? Do all people dream and just not remember it? Or could it be possible that dreaming extends to all sentient species on our planet and beyond?  Lots to ponder. Regardless, dreaming offers a panoply of possibilities if you are open to it.

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