Friday, September 7, 2012

The Rose Cottage at the Old Mill Inn (book excerpt)

"The cottage was one room with two double beds and God-awful wallpaper that seemed to make it feel even smaller than its 450 square feet. A teakettle sat on the cutting board in what looked to be a quickly put together kitchenette, outfitted with the basics, including silverware, plates, and a small fridge. Not exactly the Ritz, but it would do for the night. We decided to unpack only what we needed for a quick walk down to the creek before dark. We took our jackets and wore sensible shoes for climbing.

Once down by the creek, we noticed the lower level of the inn with one room that opened directly onto the hill just above the water. At first glance it looked quite lovely, but soon that unsettled feeling began in my gut again, and I had no desire to take a peek inside even though Charlie was interested. It was like looking at a bright, shiny apple but knowing there might be a dark bruise inside or, worse yet, a half eaten worm. Something didn’t feel right. We headed into town for dinner and, since everyone was tired, we decided to drive back to the cottage after we’d eaten to get some sleep. It was shortly after that the “fun” began."

from A Little Book of Spirit Stories Upcoming Book Release late September 2012  c. 2012

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