Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Music to Their Ears (Book excerpt)

When They Came to Shore  
"All that said, once the ritual on the beach was in full swing, it was time to call in the directions. After the east and the south had been honored through invocation, it was my turn. I had been denoted to call in the west. On this particular day I did this by singing to the ocean:

Spirit of the West Carry Me
Spirit of the West Carry Me Home
Spirit of the West Carry me home to myself.

As I continued to sing the chant, the most remarkable thing happened

I looked up as the group became restless, whispering to each other. Jeannie, who was standing next to me and very fond of the ocean which she called “grandmother”, pointed to the water and said, “Look look, the dolphins have come!”

And there they were, about six of them. Little heads poking up out of the water, all lined up and bobbing up and down as they blew water out of their blowholes, and made making clicking sounds. I kept singing, as they seemed to enjoy it, plus I didn’t want them to leave. Imagine that, dolphins! We were all facing the ocean by now, big smiles on our faces, completely captivated and amazed by our visitors.

Of course, my song did end, the dolphins left, and we continued on with the ritual. But that wasn’t the end of the story."

 Excerpt from Music to Their Ears from the upcoming ebook "A Little Book of Spirit Stories"

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