Sunday, August 26, 2012

TROLL (book excerpt)

"It happened then that one day Charlie was practicing and out of the corner of his eye noticed something move in the hallway outside the open doorway. At first, according to him, he didn’t think anything of it but after noticing it several more times decided to pay more attention. “Must have been the cat” he said aloud and turned back toward his music, a new edition of John Coltrane’s masterpiece
Giants Steps. Focusing again, he had played but a few bars and this time he was sure he saw something in the hallway. But what? Flummoxed, he put down his sax and decided to go for a walk. But first he went downstairs and told me what had happened." 

Excerpt from the story "TROLL" in my soon to be released A LIttle Book of Spirit Stories c. 2012

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