Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Mention and Author's Page on Facebook

"Victoria's book "Spiritual Turning Points" is FABULOUS!!! What a wonderful comprehensive look at our 7 internal monads, done with an incorporation of shamanic, astrological and developmental milestone descriptions.....I cannot tell you how much I have gained from and referenced this book, referring back to it time and again, highlighting, making notes, etc. It is especially helpful as I am living with my almost 94 yr. old father who is in the throes of the 6th IM, and at the 6th level of that monad to boot. He may even be a bit farther with that 6th level, and having this book as a reference helps ME be as supportive of his waning time as possible. Conscious death is possible here, and I can be a support of that."  Mari Lynn Young

Thank you so much Mari Lynn!  And, a little news, I have a new Author Page on Facebook. Please take a moment to "like"! I will be posting info about my new book "A Little Book of Spirit Stories: Encounters with the Paranormal" soon.

Here is the link:
Victoria Marina-Tompkins, Author

All the very best!


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