Monday, July 4, 2011

When I'm 61: Astrology and Life Transitions (book excerpt)

Uranus Square Uranus
Shaking It Up Again, Age Sixty-one

"This transit occurs several years after the second Saturn return
and may come as a big surprise as it shakes things up again.
Uranus first appeared at the age of twenty when it squared itself
and provided the opportunity for the first taste of freedom, pushing
the young adult toward independence. But how does this look at the
age of sixty-one? Think retirement. Think travel. Think anything that
isn’t the status quo! Of course, this transit is experienced through
the eyes of a mature adult, so it isn’t likely to be quite as frisky as it
was during the first square. Still, it gives the now sixty-one-year-old
a chance to do some of those things, embark on some of those
adventures that had been set aside during the hardworking years
following the fourth transition. If the dynamic energy of this transit
is utilized to full advantage, then the life review may not be as
disappointing in that some things on the personal Bucket List may
have been checked off. Uranus always seeks change, and this can
happen at any time during life and when this transit comes along,
it may be where it was least expected.

There can be a new sense of personal freedom that allows for
a little risk taking as this transit can bring on retirement when the
daily grind is no longer tolerable. If not, it’s the perfect time for a
sabbatical or other “time out.” The old adage is that you work until
you’re sixty-five, retire with the company gold watch, and then start
playing a lot of golf and bridge. This approach may have worked for
our parents, but the baby boomers and their children are looking for
new ways to age without relying on their parents as role models. Of
course, some values of the previous generation are being passed
down; in many cases the housing boom of the 1950s and 1960s
allowed for great wealth to be amassed that is now bequeathed to
the boomer generation, providing them with the monetary basis to
think outside the box and try new things.

The expansive nature of the computer era that began approximately
forty years ago and has accelerated over the past ten is also providing
new opportunities for global communications that are right up the Uranian
Alley. Those experiencing their second (and first) squares of Uranus
have an added burst of electrical energy that is sending waves of instant
communication around the world. The evolution of the Internet and
wireless technology allows everyone, youth and elders alike, to create
new telecommuting work environments that are perfect for seniors who
want to change their daily work routines by trying something new."

c 2011 All rights reserved excerpt from Spiritual Turning Points

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  1. Well this is a great note to end the week and look forward to the next phase of Uranian surprises! My default setting as I gingerly step into my 60's, is to realize that this is a time of awakening to my own authentic legacy, and this blog gives renewed inspiration to the possibility of having that infusion of fearless freedom on whose wings innate wisdom will soar. Thanks so much Victoria!!