Friday, July 29, 2011

Family Pictures

Parental Expectations and Iconography
excerpted from Spiritual Turning Points: 
A Metaphysical Perspective of the Seven Life Transitions"

"Before birth, the souls of the soon-to-be parents make an astral
plane agreement concerning what will become the familial icon for
the child. According to Merriam-Webster, the term icon is defined
as an image or symbol of the thing it represents. When such an
agreement as this is made, there will be expectations placed on the
child that may or may not have anything to do with their true nature
and always have to do with parental projections.
Both parents can agree upon the icon or they may decide to
each give the child one. A subsequent icon may also be given if an
event occurs that changes the basic constitution of the family such
as when one parent dies, the surviving parent remarries and a new
icon is granted the child.

Some icons are more palatable and include “the one who is
compliant” or “the good son.” Others are more negative such as “the
one who is deviant” or “the lost child.” Whether the chosen icons are
pleasing is not of great importance, for no matter what the chosen
icon is, it is still a projected expectation and one that the child will
adhere to in order to gain acceptance in the family. It is in fact not
until during the fourth transition that the icon is disassembled and
broken as part of the birth of the true personality. Until then, the icon
is the cornerstone of the false or learned personality."

c. 2011 Victoria Marina-Tompkins 

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