Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Book Review!

"Marina-Tompkins offers up plenty of metaphysical food for thought in this in-depth look at the spiritual transitions humans engage in from birth to death, including the “terrible twos” and the “mid-life crisis.” Marina-Tompkins discusses each turning point in an easy to read style, and uses her years of experience and a multitude of perspectives to strengthen her points. Astrology and soul-level viewpoints are incorporated, but Marina-Tompkins has a knack for well-rounded representation, and also includes psychology, anthropology, shamanism, cultural studies, historical examples, and personal stories from clients to give readers a holistic sense of each phase and the different ways it can manifest in individual lives. Focusing on the process of life through this breadth of frameworks, Marina-Tompkins has created a fascinating collection of information that isn’t limited to one metaphysical area. Its appeal should stretch across a range of spiritual interests."
Melanie Thorne, Author

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