Thursday, February 24, 2011

Archetypes of the Soul Book

A very interesting read for students of the Michael teachings written by Varda Hasselmann, a German scholar channeling "The Source". She credits CQ Yarbro's books as her original inspiration and then bases this book, first published in German in the 1980's, on transcripts of her own communication with the Source as well as the original overleaves structure channeled by Sarah Chambers.

The Source according to Ms. Hasselmann is a causal entity composed of scholars and sages.

There are chapters devoted to the basic overleaves with good, solid information, especially useful for those new to the teachings or who would like to help others understand their overleaves. While there are other books out there, I found this book to be very accurate save for a few changes in the words of the positive and negative poles for example which could have to do with the translation from the original German. Here is a link for your convenience and happy reading!   Victoria

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