Saturday, October 23, 2010

Publishing Update

Hi All,  

After having written 47,000 words for my upcoming book, I realized that it was starting this blog over a year ago that got me in the swing of writing. And, after the first year came to a close, I was compelled to write in a way that I had never experienced before. I had always said that the reason I created Flight of the Hawk Shamanic Songs and Ritual Chants, my 1994 Music CD, was because I had something to say. Our monthly drumming circles had been meeting for years so the CD seemed like a natural.

Now as I am nearing completion on my 20 year plus life task, I again have something to share. This time it has to do with what I have learned during the course of my work both with clients and on a personal level. My book is now close to being submitted to my publisher for copyediting and then production, culminating in the spring if all goes well.

An astrologer friend of mine recently took a look at my progressed chart and said that in May 2011 I would be "stepping up to the microphone" as progressed Mercury stationed on my 5th house (of creativity) cusp. He mentioned this in January and at that time I had no plans to write a book. In retrospect I see that he was, again, spot on! That transit along with Pluto currently conjunct my North Node in the 3rd house (publishing/communication) seems to be moving me right along toward the completion of my task. In fact, the Sabian Symbol keyword for my north node is "completion".

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  1. what an amazing life you've had...I'm so proud to know you personally & having been blessed with you as a teacher and healer. I look forward to your book release.