Friday, October 8, 2010

Life as a Writer

I knew it was time to begin writing when I realized I had something to say. Not that I don't talk all the time, I do in fact! But beginning in late August it became clear to me that it was time to draw upon the last 20 plus years of life as part of the completion of my life task. Sound daunting? At first glance it might seem so with an extra hour or more each day devoted to my book along with my usual client meetings and personal life, thereby making my full life even fuller. But as I continued, I learned something really valuable.

"Don't worry about the story, it will find you".

I heard this quote driving home late one night and after a particularly deep writing session that day
having to do with personal stories from my client's lives that I am including in my manuscript. I had reached a bit of an impass, albeit a brief one, and then I heard an interview with a reporter who had been in Iraq. He was captured by the Iraqis, then released and he was struggling with finding a way to tell his story to the world. One afternoon he had a chance encounter with a shaman from a local tribe, and the shaman wisely patted him on the shoulder saying "Don't worry. The story will find you".

True indeed isn't it. We are each filled with personal stories, our memories of life. Today ask yourself the question "What story is trying to find me?".

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