Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why the Tape Recorder Stopped Working

I was reviewing old transcripts as I am writing and came upon the answer to a question which has been the topic of conversation for years: Why does the tape recorder that I used for personal sessions not work all the time? On more than one occasion there was nothing, nada, zip, on the tape after an hour session. Here is what they had to say:

From a private group circa 1990
"Camille" was the medium for this session

"As to the difficulties of electronic devices, the very focused and unwavering singularity of the electronic application of energy is often disrupted by the presence of energetic chords in that the "harmonic structure" of essence and related energies can and occasionally does cause vibratory
misfunctions to the singular "vibration" of the electronic application of energy. It is of course not a question of fault but one metaphoric tonality. There is no "easy" method to accomodate these problems except to shield the single note from disruption. Of course as science becomes more complex, it may be that there are those who will choose to address these energetic issues."

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