Thursday, September 23, 2010

True Study and Life Task

Hi everyone,

I've been immersed in my book project and tonight I was thinking about my own chosen true studies and how they point in the direction of my life task quite succinctly!

Here's the list of mine:
1. Esoteric Studies including the Michael teachings and astrology
2. The study of History through Romance (think Wuthering Heights)
3. Weaponry
4. The study of Ritual, especially the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Take a look at your own and see how they provide focus for your own Life Task. My particular life task has to do with personal power and next spring you will all see how these studies go together when my book is published!

Have fun!

1 comment:

  1. So...your book is a romance novel set in Medieval Japan? :-)

    I've noticed myself how the true study and life task dovetail. My true study is "looking at symbols and relationship to social awareness." My life task is "Translation of universal principles into tangible and accessible media, tangible expression."

    I write historical romance novels, usually with paranormal/fantasy elements. My side hobby is demographics and historical cycles as it affects social attitudes, and I do use what I find to inform attitudes in my novels. I also see patterns--"vectors" as Michael puts it--that evolve from these cycles into the future of particular societies.