Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Race is On: 5th Level Young and Communications

"When I was young, we had to walk to school because there were no school buses" mused my 81 year old father.

" Oh yea, well when I was a boy we had to use rotary phones" said the daughter, pushing to make her point and one up her dad.

The grandson looked puzzled. "You mean, there were no buses? And what's a rotary phone?"

During the last 50 years there has been an explosion of technology as our world moved into the 5th level of the Young Soul cycle. Some of the advancements, for better or for worse are Cell phones, digital music, portable phones, computers, instant communications, the internet, email, microwave ovens, electronic cars, air name a few! Wait, there are more, Im sure there are more!

Whew, I'm feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it but truth is our world has made amazing advances in the past century with more on the way. The focus of the 5th level is expansion in the positive and too much, too far, too fast in the negative. For older souls, these changes can be beneficial in that life becomes easier- think of all the friends we can choose to be in contact with now that the internet is blazing. But at the same time, the fast pace of expansion is more than some of us prefer as many mature souls head for common living spaces where the pace is not so quick and old souls go along for the ride so long as it doesn't interfere too much!  Of course, there are no absolutes here and often exceptions as no one fits neatly into a perfect box, but there are social and cultural trends.

Look around you and see how the world has changed and how it continues to become more immediate and "instant" as we move more fully into the 5th level. Oh, and don't forget to hang on :)

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  1. My, my.... and I've been dreaming we were at first level mature. No matter, you can't hurry love.