Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Addiction to What isn't Working

The next Shamanic addiction on the Medicine Wheel is the addiction to what isnt working. Here we find the tendency to focus on the difficulties in life, wrapping us up in endless cycles of fear and feelings of frustration and failure. Avoiding this trap does not include becoming Polyanna-ish in our way of seeing our lives which would then focus on only the good and looking through proverbial rose colored glasses. Instead, breaking this addiction starts with acknowledging all aspects of our lives; what we are satisifed with, what we would like to change, and all that lies between. Once we see the bigger picture then we can begin to see where we might like to make adjustments while maintaining a balanced perspective which is not run by fear. We can change our lives and step around the tendency to create woeful stories and avoid the pitfalls of negative thoughts which create anger, hurt, resentments, and any number of other emotions. Begin to look at how you think about your life and fill your thoughts with appreciation for what IS working rather than what isn't working. You may be surprised at the result.

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