Wednesday, October 28, 2015

In these Plutonian Times

"We must become the change we wish to see in the world."   -Ghandi

Every so often we enter a time in our lives that might be described as cathartic, intense, transformational, a crisis, many of which seem to come out of the blue. External events can serve as the catalyst for the beginning of much needed change

The key is to become aware of what must surrendered, what is no longer essential, so that the next stage of personal growth can occur. Here is when the grape meets the press as the juice is extracted slowly so that all that remains is the pulp or core of the grape. We might look at this process and think poor grape! But in fact, it it necessary to experience death of the old so that the new will be reborn. Shamanic cultures see this process as an initiatory experience when we are literally reduced to our bones.

Imagine that you have filled your life with many wonderful accomplishments, positive relationships, and abundance on many levels. You have reached a state of fullness in all areas after a period of expansion and growth. Often such a period can occur in the mid to late thirties after career and family has been created after the transition that occurred during the twenties and marked the entry into official adulthood after the first Saturn return at age 29. For all, this is a time when a major Pluto transit appears on the horizon and heralds a time of change. It is necessary to prune the tree in order for new growth to occur. Or, in contrast, maybe life hasn't been working out all that well and a shake-up is needed. The Pluto square to natal Pluto is the first of the four mid-life transits that happen from age 36-45, but depending on the birth chart, a Plutonian catharsis can happen any time transiting Pluto comes in contact with a natal planet therefore the following excerpt applies to any Pluto transit. Think death and rebirth and you will have entered the realm of Pluto.

Pluto square Pluto
A Time for Transformation and Letting Go 

“The old adage for a Pluto transit is that it never asks you to let go of what truly belongs to you, but will take anything else necessary for evolution. Issues having to do with power and control are central here as the intense probe of Pluto begins to uncover what it is that needs releasing. Some keywords for this transit include penetrating, transforming, and scathing as this transit often is the initiator in the monadal (or midlife) process. 

Remember Hades, God of the Underworld in Greek mythology, with Pluto, his Roman counterpart. In the myth of Persephone, she was dragged into the underworld by Pluto who took her to be his bride, destroying all of her innocence in the process. When we come face-to-face with a Plutonian transit, whether in square to its natal position or interacting with another planet in the birth chart, a certain degree of naivety needs to be released as the veils are lifted. The personal and collective shadow emerges as areas which are usually avoided for fear of what may be found. Patterns within relationships are particular areas of scrutiny here as are deep, dark personal and family secrets, which the individual has kept at bay. Surrendering to the process in whatever form it takes is the key here.

Each Pluto transit has three phases: shock, paralysis, and rebirth. The intensity of the initial shock cannot be understated as Pluto jolts the area of life needing review. The house and sign being impacted will indicate where the shock occurs, followed by a sense of powerlessness and confusion over how to respond or what action to
take... The third and final phase of rebirth does not usually occur until the end of the transit when the new form has been created.”  

from Spiritual Turning Points A Metaphysical Perspective of the Seven Life 

Question: What Am I Letting Go of Today?

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