Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Expanding Our Perceptions

What if we wake up one day and think that maybe many of our Perceptions while true may in fact be limited?

Our perceptions are colored by our personal experiences as well as social and cultural lenses, all of which help us over time to create our world view. Beginning when we are young, we look and listen to see what others think and create our own opinions, holding them as true for us at the time which of course they are. As we mature, we may begin to become more open to the possibility that what we have thought all along may be in need of some reconsideration followed by adjustments and in this way, we continue to grow.

For those of us who are students of spiritual teachings whether Eastern, Western, or somewhere in between, we also develop a spiritual viewpoint in our dedication to understanding the vastness of the Universe and how "things really work". It's not unusual for students of the Michael teachings for example to say "this is the way it is" after being introduced to the system, finding comfort in knowing a truth about themselves through the overleaves and life task information, both extremely valuable if accurate. But what if these teachings are really just a beginning rather than an end? Perhaps they provide us with a foundation upon which to build our viewpoint as well as a lens through which to understand others and their choices. All good. A place to start.

The Michael Teachings are a focused aperture through which to view the Universe.

What if you were to open that aperture? Let in more light, more love, more openness. We are each a grain of sand in the Infinitely Creative Universe. Sounds a bit simplistic or even hokey?  Maybe so. But worth a try.

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