Monday, November 21, 2011

From the Archives: Going with the Flow

Clients will often ask me how they can create what they want in their lives. They believe they are clear on what they want because they think about it all the time, write about in a journal, seek advice, recite affirmations and so on and yet whatever their goal is , it remains elusive.

The solution is deceptively simple: It is the "Wu Wei" of Taoist thought or "The Way" which is non resistance to that which is. Accept the moment with the knowledge that it is perfect.

How do you know that this moment is the "right" moment for you? Because it exists.

Take for example a day when you want to sit in your garden and enjoy the beauty of nature yet you struggle internally with the need to work. Accepting that there is time to work with joyousness and knowing that there is time to sit in the garden also relieves us of the struggle that ties us up internally. There will be another time for the garden or work, just as there will be time for many other things.

A helpful question might be "Which way is the River flowing here"? This is to say the natural flow of energies are in the direction of work, then accepting that as a positive choice can relieve one of the anxiety of struggle. If it is flowing in the direction of the garden, then you can make a choice to fully experience that moment with openness and delight without another thought of work! 

Each and every thought is a choice, you can choose to think positively, or not. It's up to you.

Navarro River Photograph by Victoria Marina-Tompkins

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