Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Life Focus (Book Excerpt)

note: This excerpt discusses the time period following the completion of the mid life transition, a significant change usually occurring sometime between the ages of 35 and 50. It is during this transition that the individual comes to understand the true personality and discards the false self, aligning with the life task that begins in earnest after the transit is complete.

"As the fourth transition comes to a close and if it has been completed in the positive, then the Life Focus begins to manifest as a desire to align with the soul’s purpose for this lifetime. The next twenty plus years will now be devoted to accomplishing this task and without fear obstructing progress, the life will begin to unfold in a way that allows the authentic personality to express itself clearly with the task in the forefront.

The task is not necessarily work related and can include themes
such as personal power, teamwork, the application of personal truths,
stability, and structure, all of which could be experienced through
personal as well as professional relationships. I often remind clients
that the life focus is the life focus, not the work focus! There is often a
strong desire on the part of spiritually motivated individuals to manifest
their true work through their daily job, but that is not necessarily the
plan of essence. Fortunately, there will be many years to explore
and develop the task with many options to choose from.

The years following the midlife transition are not always picture
perfect. A wise sage once told me, “Honey, I tried to tell you that
everything won’t be roses after you finish the monad.” How right
she was. Life happens, challenges come your way, and you do
your best to deal with them. Still, after a positive outcome, the true
self is available and expressed in a way that it was not before, and
fears can be more easily recognized for what they are rather than
the truths that they present themselves to be. It may take a few
years to reach your stride after completing the monad for while the
official integration period may take several months, the process of
inculcation of this monad is an ongoing one and the application of
perceptions grows over time. Once the seeds have been planted,
they will continue to grow over the course of the next several decades
and bloom when the life focus has been completed."

Excerpted from Spiritual Turning Points: A Metaphysical Perspective of the Seven Life Transitions c. 2011

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