Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Michael on the Astral Plane and Dreams

Question: Could Michael please say more about why we need the astral plane for dreaming?

Michael: "The astral plane is as is known here composed of malleable materials that allows a fragment to experiment with various forms in such as way as to promote the expansion of ideas as well as the revisiting of previous experiences.

In addition the astral plane is the area where fragments who not physically extant are present in between lives and with whom dream contact may be made. And, this plane also presents or serves as a meeting ground for not only humanoid fragments to interact but also other species to convene with both their own and others such as humans. This plane is for all intents and purposes extremely flexible in its adaptability and thereby provides humans and other sentient species with opportunity for learning through experience which is not available while physically extant.

For example, a fragment may dream of constructing a simple piece of furniture and during the course of several dreams try various solutions to the puzzle of what is the best approach. If this task were approached during waking hours then the solution might then remain elusive due to the need to try many different variables, some of which could in fact be delayed due to lack of physical plane materials but readily available if worked on with astral plane materials. This is not to say that the astral plane is the only method through which to solve problems for this is not true, but it is an effective one.

Another example is a fragment who died a tragic death, short circuited in the recent past by warfare. The newly extant fragment could then use the astral plane to reconstruct the past event of death and this might include various metaphors such as falling off a bridge or being trapped under a house, each references to the past life ending. These dream images can then be brought into conscious awareness where the fragment might process the emotions brought on by the dream, and through which some of the intensity of the emotions could be released. Another type of astral plane interaction would include with the fragment’s own essence who might choose to appear as a wise man, gypsy woman, artist, or other archetype in order to communicate information to the personality and this is especially true during times of transition. Fragments who are deceased and astral plane focused may also use the dreamscape to communicate to extant fragments. As you can see, there are many uses and the astral plane makes available constructive malleability that the others planes do not. We find this truth to be of benefit to many fragments." 

c. 2011 Victoria Marina-Tompkins Excerpted from a private session with permission

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